The BFF and I have known each other since SECOND GRADE!!!  We were in the same class, but we sealed our friendship when we performed ‘Lollipop’ together in the talent show.  And yes, we were fabulous!

From second grade through senior year, we called each other almost every day after school.  The BFF moved away for university, but our friendship didn’t end with that.  Thank goodness for the modern age of technology!  Between calling, texting, and social media, we were able to keep up with each other’s doings.  We made a tradition of me going to visit her every Halloween (some of my favorite memories from college).

By societal standards we are both adults now, and doing a pretty decent job of it I’d say.  We both have big-girl jobs, aren’t living with our parents, and are in steady, committed relationships.  The BFF was my Maid of Honor in my wedding this past summer (duh) and she did my makeup as well (stunning!).  And of course she threw me a perfect bachelorette party!

We don’t talk every day now, but that’s not really an issue.  The BFF and I know that silence doesn’t mean anger.  We’ll text each other randomly, and often – at LEAST once a week.  We talk on the phone, and meet up when we can.  It’s all good.  We’re best friends, and nothing will change that.

This doesn’t even begin to scratch the amazingness that is the BFF and our friendship!  More will be revealed with time.

Until then, I leave you with a lyric from Weezer’s My Best Friend (artistic emphasis added by me):

You’re my BEST FRIEND,
and I LOVE YOU, and I LOOOOOVE you,



The Boyfriend and I have been talking about dancing lately.  He is finally almost ready to try learn to dance with me!  It’s taken over five years to get to this point.  Yes, I am a very patient woman.  And persistent.  He is NOT getting out of this!

Boyfriend says he doesn’t understand the appeal of dancing.  I struggle with this, because I LOVE to dance!  It is an integral part of my being.  Dance has been a part of my life since I’ve been able to stand.  There is footage of me bouncing in front of the TV in my diaper to Shining Time Station.  I took Irish Step-dancing classes for five years, and have been taking bellydance classes for over ten!  In college I learned swing and ballroom dancing.  Yeah, I like to dance.

But Boyfriend doesn’t, and I believe him.  Well, sorta.  I believe he will like it eventually.  I believe most people would like dancing, given the right opportunity.  The problem is convincing people to try.  In trying to convince the Boyfriend, I began looking for an explanation of the appeal of dance.  This was surprisingly difficult.  There is a lot of information available concerning the physical and mental benefits of dance, how to dance, the history of dance, but I couldn’t find anything answering in concrete terms why people dance.  It kinda makes sense, because I consider dancing to be a very spiritual activity.  Asking someone why they like to dance is like asking someone why they believe in God.  There is not a simple answer for that.

I cannot speak for everyone, but here are some reasons why I love to dance:

  • Dancing allows me to explore all the wonderful movements and shapes my body can create.
  • When I dance alone, I think about sharing the joy I feel with others.
  • When dancing for an audience, the message I try to send is that I am happy dancing, and I want to share that happiness with them.
  • When dancing with a partner, no words need to be spoken.  We communicate through movement.
  • When dancing with a crowd, I feel empowered and connected to humanity as a whole.  Here we are, together, in this moment, celebrating Life, and all is well.
  • Dancing makes me feel connected to the present moment.
  • Dancing is the closest sensation we can achieve to touching music.  Similar to playing an instrument, but with dancing it is a full body experience.

Why do I dance?  To feel connected – Physically, Mentally, Spiritually – to myself, the music, the moment, and the people surrounding me.

Music Monday 10/30/2017

I know, I know.  I’ve been slacking on posting.  The struggle is real.  Stick with me guys!  I am a recovering procrastinator!

The song I’ve chosen for today is Say Anything’s Hate Everyone.

Sometimes, life is hard, and you just don’t want to be happy.  When I feel that way, this is the anthem that I turn to.  It expresses all of my emotions in an upbeat way!

Music Monday 10/23/17

Whoo, I almost didn’t post today.  No good reason other than Life and Laziness.  But I must continue posting!  No slacking off!  Mostly!

Today’s song is George Ezra’s Listen to the Man.  

I LOVE this song.  George Ezra’s deep tones speak to my soul.  Also, the music video for this is pure happiness!  Sir Ian McKellen is in it.  Enough said.

Seriously, aren’t they both adorable?

Music Monday 10/16/17

Today’s song is Vengaboys’ Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!

I first heard this song in high school during dance class.  The BFF (I’ll be introducing her this week) and I are equally obsessed with this song.  It is so classic 90’s that just thinking about this song makes me happy and want to dance!  Also, the video is ridiculous and also very 90’s.

Enjoy, and happy Monday!


That’s pronounced: Puh-Paw.

My father is one of the oddest men you could ever meet.  Honestly, what I can say about him on this blog is limited because much of his charm is not appropriate for all audiences 😛

Papa has never met a stranger.  He spends his days riding his bicycle throughout the metroplex, charming and fascinating people along the way.  He is a retired sheet rocker.  We can drive around the City and seeing buildings he helped construct. So. Cool!

One of my favorite memories of Papa is – well, actually it is a compilation of memories.  When I was a child I got really into musicals.  During this time period, Papa would go to Blockbuster (remember those?) and rent the various musicals they had in stock.  It is through this process that I was introduced to not only the big classics like Oklahoma! and West Side Story, but the slightly more obscure ones like Calamity Jane and On the Town.  I think the sweetest part about this is that Papa is not a huge musical fan.  This was obviously an action done out of the love for his daughter!

To be honest, I’m not a Daddy’s Girl.  I’m Mumsy’s clone, so it couldn’t be helped.  But Papa is a good man.  He has always made sure my siblings and I know that he loves us and is there to support us with whatever decisions we make in life.

Thank you, Papa.

(Cue the Dawww‘s)

Welcome Back, Weekend!

Dear Weekend,

I MISSED YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!  Please, don’t ever leave me again.  You don’t know how mean the Weekdays can be to me sometimes!  I mean, Friday is cool, but Monday is a total jerk most of the time.  Tuesday is kinda just there, usually in a daze.  Wednesday is annoying in the morning, but better by the afternoon.  Thursday just wishes they were as cool as Friday.  They’re not.

But you, Weekend, you’re the best!  Both Saturday and Sunday are always so nice to me!  That is, until y’all bail and leave me to face Monday alone.  Super. Rude.  But I forgive you, because I know you’ll be waiting for me at the end of the week!

I love you, Weekend.  Let’s stay together forever this time, alright?

Forever yours,

Ms. B. Happy

Today Gotcha Down? Grin and Bear It!

Not gonna lie: Ms. B. had a rough day.  Not the worst day, but I’m glad it is coming to a close.  Having bad days are unavoidable, but it is possible to make them a little better.  I want to share with you a couple of my tried-and-true mood lifters:

  1. Smile!
    Just the act of smiling can put you in a better mood.  It doesn’t even matter if you mean it.  Fake smiles work just as well as real ones.  What usually happens with me when I’m in a bad mood is that I’ll start out with a fake smile, but then it gradually turns into a genuine one the longer I do it.  I think this is because when I’m making myself smile I try to think of things that actually make me smile, which leads me to my next suggestion:
  2. Think Happy Thoughts!
    Obvious, I know, but it works.  My go-to happy thought is my cats, and all the ridiculous things they do, like lick shower curtains.
  3. Breathe Deep.
    Focusing on your breathing for a moment can help to reset your mental and emotional state.  Think of it like a baby-meditation session.
  4. Have a Snack and a Beverage.
    Sometimes you’re hangry and don’t even realize it.  Or dehydrated.  Don’t mistake this suggestion for emotional eating.  What I’m saying is if you’re in a bad mood, think about when you last ate something or had a drink of water.  Been a while, right?
  5. Listen to Music.
    Note that I didn’t specify what type of music.  It can be happy, sad, angry, loud, soft – it doesn’t matter.  Sometimes when I’m mad there is nothing better than to scream along to an ‘everything is not okay’ song.
  6. Tell Someone That You’re Upset.
    When you tell someone that you’re in a bad mood you are acknowledging to yourself and to the world the reality of the situation.  Once you acknowledge the situation, you can move on from it.  I find that once I mention to someone I’m in a bad mood, I begin to feel better.  Plus, it’s nice to warn people.
    Do keep in mind to use discretion with this suggestion.  I don’t recommend announcing the state of your emotional well-being over the intercom at work, or walking up to strangers and telling them that you’re feeling cranky.  Try a good friend or family member.  Again, the idea isn’t so much to complain as it is to acknowledge what you are feeling.
  7. Count Your Blessings.
    Whether your religious or not, we all have things in our lives that we are thankful for.  It can be hard to remember them when we’re brooding, but it is not impossible.  Reminding yourself of all the good things in your life can help put whatever your current situation is into the correct perspective.
  8. Cry.  If life gets to the point where you just need to cry, let those tears roll, baby!  I come from a long line of criers.  I cry when I’m happy, sad, and angry.  Crying can be so cathartic.  Crying is a physical way to express how you’re feeling, which is such a cool idea when you think about it!  And isn’t it amazing how much liquid your body can produce!?!
  9. Sleep.  This is an especially great step to take after number 7.  I am an absolute baby if I don’t get enough sleep.  I get overly sensitive to everything that is said to me. Worst of all, instead of going to bed I try to stay up and wallow in my bad mood.  Very counterproductive.  Seriously, if all else fails, go to sleep.

Well that list went on longer than I expected!  I hope some of these suggestions can help you next time you’re in a funk.


Ms. B.

Music Monday 10/9/17

Happy Monday!

Ugh, I know.  Mondays can be very not fun.  To help that, every Monday (unless I forget) I want to share a song to start your week off right!

First on the list is Bowling for Soup’s Shut-Up And Smile.  This song was playing on repeat in my head the day I created this site.  I feel it captures the goal of pretty well 🙂

Sunday Comics

Happy Sunday!

I’ve always enjoyed Sundays.  The calm before the storm of the work-week.  A good day to slow down, relax, maybe take a nap or three.  Sunday is also the greatest day of the week for the comics in the newspaper!  More comics than the rest of the week and ALL of them in COLOR!?!  Yay!

Since I don’t live with my parents anymore, and the comics are the only section of the paper I ever read, I don’t get to experience this joy on a regular basis like I used to.  But no worries; that’s what the internet is for!  I would still prefer to read them in the paper because they’re all together and I don’t have to click through a bazillion pages, but ‘beggars’ (no, seriously, this is such a 1st-world-problem) can’t be choosers.

If you don’t know this joy I’m talking about – newspaper comic strips – it’s not too late!  As I said above all of the various strips are available online.  If you think I’m silly to be so into newspaper comic strips, you may be right!  But they make me happy!

The thing I do really like about comics being available online is that you can go back to the very beginning of a strip and read the whole thing.  I’ve done this with the Baby Blues strip and Luann.

If you want to be cool like me and get into reading comic strips, but don’t know where to begin, I think Baby Blues is a great place to start.  They are all available at

To give an example of awesomeness I’m talking about, here is one of my favorites: