Happy Halloweeeeen!!!

Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, but this year I’m pretty pumped!  Mostly because of the new season of Stranger Things coming out this Friday!  How excited am I?  My costume this year is Barb.

Really though, there are many things about Halloween that make me Happy:

  • Pumpkins.  I find pumpkins to be a very appealing shape, and enjoy all the ways they are used as decorations this time of year.  I will extend the good feelings I have towards pumpkins to all members of the Gourd family.  Plus, pumpkins as decorations have are a great time-saver, as they can be kept around to celebrate Thanksgiving and the Autumn season as a whole!
    I do not include eating pumpkins on my list of happies because I do not enjoy the flavor of pumpkin in any form.  No pumpkin pies, lattes, breads or seeds for me.  If that’s your jam, then have at it!  You can have my share, then we’ll both be happy.
  • Costumes.  I’ve always loved playing dress-up, so I’m a huge supporter of a holiday that encourages such activities.  That being said, as I get older I feel much lazier in the effort I want to put forth.My favorite costumes I’ve worn are:

    The Pink Ranger – I’ve been a Pink Ranger AT LEAST three different times.

    Pebbles from The Flintstones – I got the dress for less than $10.00 and had a little bone clip in my hair.  The bone clip got lost by the end of the night.

    A Mermaid – Mumsy made this costume for me and it was AMAZING!!!  This had the coolest mermaid tail I’ve ever seen still to this day.

  • Black Cats.  I love all cats anyway, but black cats are so pretty!  I also own a black cat.  Here’s a picture of her looking like she’s been summoned from a magic book:

  • Halloween Movies.  I don’t mean Horror films.  I’m thinking about movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, Hocus Pocus, and of course, The Disney Channel’s Halloweentown.
  • Candy.  When I was a kid, I didn’t like that Halloween candy was smaller than a regular sized bar.  As an adult, those bite-size chunks are exactly what I want.  My body definitely can’t metabolize sugar the way it used to.
  • Everything that Follows.  Halloween marks the beginning of the Holiday season.  Yay Thanksgiving!  Yay Christmas!!!  Yay Birthdays (for my family)!  Yay New Year’s Eve (the night Boyfriend and I met)!

Now that I’ve made this list I’m going to grab a pumpkin and my cat and watch The Addams Family dressed as Barb while eating candy.

May your Halloween be Happy!

Ms. B.