The Boyfriend and I have been talking about dancing lately.  He is finally almost ready to try learn to dance with me!  It’s taken over five years to get to this point.  Yes, I am a very patient woman.  And persistent.  He is NOT getting out of this!

Boyfriend says he doesn’t understand the appeal of dancing.  I struggle with this, because I LOVE to dance!  It is an integral part of my being.  Dance has been a part of my life since I’ve been able to stand.  There is footage of me bouncing in front of the TV in my diaper to Shining Time Station.  I took Irish Step-dancing classes for five years, and have been taking bellydance classes for over ten!  In college I learned swing and ballroom dancing.  Yeah, I like to dance.

But Boyfriend doesn’t, and I believe him.  Well, sorta.  I believe he will like it eventually.  I believe most people would like dancing, given the right opportunity.  The problem is convincing people to try.  In trying to convince the Boyfriend, I began looking for an explanation of the appeal of dance.  This was surprisingly difficult.  There is a lot of information available concerning the physical and mental benefits of dance, how to dance, the history of dance, but I couldn’t find anything answering in concrete terms why people dance.  It kinda makes sense, because I consider dancing to be a very spiritual activity.  Asking someone why they like to dance is like asking someone why they believe in God.  There is not a simple answer for that.

I cannot speak for everyone, but here are some reasons why I love to dance:

  • Dancing allows me to explore all the wonderful movements and shapes my body can create.
  • When I dance alone, I think about sharing the joy I feel with others.
  • When dancing for an audience, the message I try to send is that I am happy dancing, and I want to share that happiness with them.
  • When dancing with a partner, no words need to be spoken.  We communicate through movement.
  • When dancing with a crowd, I feel empowered and connected to humanity as a whole.  Here we are, together, in this moment, celebrating Life, and all is well.
  • Dancing makes me feel connected to the present moment.
  • Dancing is the closest sensation we can achieve to touching music.  Similar to playing an instrument, but with dancing it is a full body experience.

Why do I dance?  To feel connected – Physically, Mentally, Spiritually – to myself, the music, the moment, and the people surrounding me.